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21/08/2009 20:31:29
Re: victimization?

Does it means that superiors can do whatever they want because they have the right to evaluate the subordinate?Inclusive threaten subordinate if they don't follow their wish then a show cause letter/warning letter/disciplinary letter will be issued to them?

Sometime the superior has noticed the subordinate are capable then they could miss use their power to just putting some invalid blame on her which is even outside the job performance and force her to leave.Anybody who has interaction with her may get into trouble then nobody dare to talk or be closer to her.

Further more they tell negative comments on the subordinate and make her felt bad in the working environment.I found all this is victimization.

Please advice.

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22/08/2009 16:53:07
It is common to see the superiors being accused of misusing their legitimate power. Undeniably, the fortune of staff is highly dependent on the endorsement/comment of his/her superior. But bear in mind that, the superior is fully accountable to his/her subordinate's performance/conduct as well. My advice is, let's work according to your superior's instruction, as he/she might have a bigger agenda to work on. And voice out your opinion/comment tactfully for the sake of the teamwork. But do consult HR if you have serious problem working under your superior.
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