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Miss Yapp
21/08/2009 17:59:27
Re: Final Salary after resignation

I have submitted my 1 month notice resignation letter on 21 July 09 and my last day is 20 Aug 09. My boss said only pay my salary end of the month. I request my payslip but he said only give me after bank in my salary. My question as follows:
1. When is the deadline he should release my final salary?
2. Should he pay my EPF for my final salary?
3. Company got right to deduct my salary with their own reason?
4. I checked with KWSP and found my July 09 portion not paid yet, wat should i do?

Thank's a lot.
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Miss Yapp
21/08/2009 18:37:49
Refer to above post, for ur info, my salary is above RM1500.
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22/08/2009 16:31:01
1) By 7th of the following month. But it is common to see delay in the final salary due to audit work.
2) Yes.
3) It depends. For example, if you are on company loan, or have been paid commission in advance, the company shall deduct the repayment / excess out of your final salary.
4) Tell your HR your EPF contribution for July is in arrears. They shall know what to do.
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08/09/2009 15:13:45
in the case of termination with notice by either party, wages ( less lawful deduction) must be paid at the end of the notice period.
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