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Brandy Chua
20/08/2009 18:49:35
Re: Public Holiday for Hari Raya


I got a dount here. Really hope you can give me a hand on it.
Im an owner of a cafe. Our off day for all staffs is on Monday.
For your information, Hari Raya Day 1 and Day 2 are dropped on Sunday and Monday (cafe weekly off day). As requested by staffs, I offer them one more day of leave, that means they rest on Tuesday as well. So, do I have the right to ask them for ganti me a working day (because they off on tues)?
Thank you!

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21/08/2009 10:57:59
Hari Raya is a gazetted holiday. Since Hari Raya day 1 and 2 fall on your company's rest days, you have to offer them replacement leave on the subsequent day(s). However, you have the following choice:
1) Make the replacement leave on a later date, with your staff's consent.
2) Pay them double of ordinary wage instead.
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Brandy Chua
21/08/2009 17:18:42
i see... Alright. That means i can just let them go on leave with paid wages on Tuesday as Tuesday is a replacement leave for the staffs. Am I right?
And, one more thing is,. National Day is drop on Monday also. So if my staffs come work on Tuesday, they entitled to triple pay because it s replacement leave for National Day?
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22/08/2009 14:03:31
1) Yes.
2) According to EA 1955, they are only entitled for double the ordinary wage on gazetted holidays.
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Brandy Chua
22/08/2009 15:17:55
dat means basic + 1?
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22/08/2009 16:12:49
Yes. Basic x 2.
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Brandy Chua
22/08/2009 16:41:25
Alrites.. thank you so much CK.
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02/09/2009 11:07:23
Hi. I need advice on this.

We are supporting different countries in our work. For myself, I am supporting PHILIPPINES, so i was told by manager to follow PHIL holiday.However, this Raya which falls on Sunday and Monday means we have to work, but employer told us we won't get any replacement day x 1 because of the fact that we have so much of off days for PHILIPPINES public holiday.

As a matter of fact, we still don't follow PHIL holiday 100% because they claimed its more than Malaysian holiday.

Pls advise whether am i entitled to double pay or a replacement leave x 1 day for Raya and some other holidays to come?
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