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20/08/2009 18:26:43
Re: Annual leave

The Company says no annual leave given during probation period (6 months) and on confirmation, the annual leave starts from the day of confirmation; e.g. Started work on 2.1.2009, Confirmed on 1.7.2009.
Anuual leave entitlement for < 2yrs service is 10 days but the company says the annual leave entitlement is only 5 days for the whole of 2009.
Is this correct under the Employment act.
Your guide under 60E only states paid annual leave entitlement but not during probation period.
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21/08/2009 10:38:40
The entitled paid annual leave should be min. 8 days per year for confirmed staff. Usually no paid leave during probation.
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24/08/2009 17:56:15
the annual leave should be started from date joined, not date confirmed. u should entitle for 10 days for 2009. Some company practises, staff only can take the leave after one year service.
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25/08/2009 17:54:58
Actually the Annual Leave you entitled is earned from the last 12 months service or prorated for an incomplete year. That's why AL can only be "used" the subsequent year.
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