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Chee wai
20/08/2009 10:15:42
Re: Unpaid commission

I once worked for 1 of the Maxis dealer in Oct 2008 - Dec 2008..Until now, the company still owe me RM800 commission..he claimed that the reason he not paying me is because Maxis did not pay my remaining commission to them so he is not going to pay me..Can someone let me know what should i do to get back my commission? For your information, i still have my pay slip but i did not have my employment letter..

Pls guide me!

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20/08/2009 11:26:45
You can file a complaint at Labour Department, and seek their help. Do furnish them the relevant supporting documents.
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Chee Wai
21/08/2009 00:08:28
Thanks a lot!
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