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18/08/2009 22:55:42
Re: Resignation

Dear Sir,

I had been working off and on in my current company. Year 2004 i join the company, resign at year 2006 as was not promoted, join their sub-company 2006 but resign at year 2007 as they want to cut cost. Rejoin the current company at end of 2007 til now.

I did not get any appoitment or offer letter from the company as they do not practice it.

I had inform the management that i will be leaving the company end of this month as my husband job has been transfer to jb, i have no choice as my baby is so young that my husband worry while i am alone. My question now is can i leave the company without waiting till end of the month?

I hold a post as Account & Admin exe, consider senior in the company. I only started fully doing their accounting on Aug'08, previous year was done by the part timer. Sadly i was the one actualy have to solve their backlog matters pending 2005, i don't mind doing that,it really take time to settle the problem but boses always don't think that..

Today my lady bos talk things which really hurts me...I have work all my best without calculating with them, I trained and trained new staff to improve the admin system but at the end i was been told that i am selfish by not teaching ppl of my knowledge, is not true, is not the person who i am.

I have schedule to settle the companys matter before I leave for JB but now what they think about me...i felt so sad that i wanted to leave the company immediately... can i do so?? I know but doing this is actualy unproffesional but.... Atleast teach them a lesson to think before speaking bad about ppl...

I know my message is long, i just want you to understand the situation, hope to get your reply soon.. Thanks

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19/08/2009 00:23:48
Do you get EPF and/or SOCSO contributions from your employer? If you do, you need to serve 1 month (4 weeks) notice upon resignation.

Sec.12(2) The length of such notice shall be the same for both employer and employee and shall be determined by a provision made in writing for such notice in the terms of the contract of service, or, in the absence of such provision in writing, shall not be less than --
(a) four weeks' notice if the employee has been so employed for less than two years on the date on which the notice is given;
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19/08/2009 08:51:33
I got the epf & socso contribution.

Do i need to write a letter resignation?? As I had inform my lady bos on the 3rd aug'09 my last day is on the 28th.

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19/08/2009 09:53:37
Yes. Do submit a resignation letter and keep a photocopy to avoid any discrepency in the future.
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21/08/2009 22:51:24
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27/08/2009 13:53:40
Hi there,

I just resigned with 1 day notice instead of 2 weeks. My salary is RM2000++. I was on 6days MC before I resign. Can i know the calculation because i was working there completely one month. Do i still get paid for that particular month? Do i need to pay them? If yes, how would be the calculation.

Thanks in advance.
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