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18/08/2009 22:53:48
Re: Notice In Lieu - Needs advise urgently!

I have given 2 months notice to the company.

Unfortunately, I have problem and need to take leave to offset my notice without filling up the leave application form. I still have balance for annual leave. I had informed other associate (not superior) via email.

Co. hold my last drawn salary. I done my clearance thru my other associates.

Is the company has right to hold my last drawn salary?

Needs your advise urgently.

Thank you

Can the company deduct short of notice from my last pay?
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19/08/2009 00:13:57
You should consult your HR on the offset of balanced leave and confirm your last working day. The company has the rights to hold your last drawn salary and deduct the amount for the short of notice.
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22/08/2009 20:32:05
Tks CK
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