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17/08/2009 17:56:18
Re: Redundant

I have queries, if my boss has initiated to make my job redundant from the day she joined the company and trying to stop me from growthing from my career.What can i do?

Recently the her movement is getting clearer and serious.She also purposely try to find fault.

Besides, we have very high employee turnover at the moment and i have received a lot of farewell e-mail from those employee who have resigned and i felt very upset so i have decieded to forward two of the e-mail for the Human Resource Department.Then my boss said my behaviour is unacceptable and threaten me to give me the displinary letter if i do not improve myself.

Please provide me with the advice
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17/08/2009 18:35:32
Let's have an open heart talk with your direct superior in order to establish a consensus for co-existence in a company. Don't try to avoid each other as this will only worsen your cohesiveness being in a team. Let's challenge yourself by understanding her better, and try to work according to her wish. If things don't improve, consult your HR then. But make sure you initiate an open heart talk with her in the first place.
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17/08/2009 21:23:30
I have done my job accordingly, However,she has removed my role from interacting with others from time to time.

I also realized that she makes a lots of changes behind me by not noticing me and at last when problem arised then i have to rectify it.I am working as a team with her but she neglected me as a team and find fault on me.

Besides, during these period i have to trained the staff and in fact she learn from me.However my effort never been recognised intead she is planning to make my job redundant.Furthermore, the person that i have trained are promoted but not me.

It is her intention to remove me so even i have open heart for so long,she still continuingly attacking me.
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21/08/2009 20:25:20
Does it means that superiors can do whatever they want because they have the right to evaluate the subordinate?Inclusive threaten subordinate if they don't follow their wish then a show cause letter/warning letter/disciplinary letter will be issued to them?

Sometime the superior has noticed the subordinate are capable then they could miss use their power to just putting some invalid blame on her which is even outside the job performance and force her to leave.Anybody who has interaction with her may get into trouble then nobody dare to talk or be closer to her.

Further more they tell negative comments on the subordinate and make her felt bad in the working environment.I found all this is vitimization.

Please advice.

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