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13/08/2009 23:24:40
Re: Unfair dismissal

I've been unfairly dismissed by my employer recently. My employer had informed me that I have been dismissed due to the fact that I had communicated confidential information. Time after time I had requested for proof of the alleged misconduct from my former employer but from the way things are going, they have no proof of the misconduct.

I sought help from the industrial relations department and went through the mediation process. An oral offer for reinstatement was offered during mediation but after all that has happened, I can no longer work with the Company anymore. Aside from the mediation process, can I bring a personal action against my former employer? without going through the referral process from the industrial relations department? Please let me know what I should do.

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14/08/2009 11:04:54
The labour Dept and Industrial Relations Dept are there to help the public in reconciling the employment related matters,though I'm not sure of how efficient they are. But if you would like to engage a lawyer for a lawsuit at your own cost, you have the choice.
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