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13/08/2009 17:17:40
Re: Unreasonable Payment = (

This is my 1st job after i graduate.

My situation is special.

I'm hired under marketing director of my company but not the company as indoor sales executive.

She gives me 5-day trial and i ll be paid after 5 day if i'm not suitable for the job (but she dun state how much).

According to her calculation for monthly paid like this: basic (RM600) + commision (RM 1 K). If i can hit above the 1K, i ll get more for that month.

She promise to give me RM1.6K as guarantee paid for every month although i cant hit the target. That means i can get at least RM1.6K no matter i can hit the target or not.

After 5 days, she calculate my salary base on the basic only (RM600) but not the guarantee paid. She divide the salary but 31 days (august) and then times 5 days, so she just paid me RM100 for 5 days.

So, may i knw she did give me a reasonable payment or not??
If not, what kind of action should i take?

Hope to get some reply soon. Thanks!
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14/08/2009 10:49:47
In the first place, have you signed an appointment letter? If you did, are the basic salary + (guaranteed) commission stated on it? Note that the avarage salary / day can be worked out based on basic salary / 26 days or 31 days.
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14/08/2009 23:33:30
Unfortunately, she dun offer me any letter.. = (
So, i also dont know where can i complain??
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16/08/2009 21:26:42
Let's take it as a lesson and be more cautious in the future.
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