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13/08/2009 15:30:17
Re: computer loan

our co has a policy that allows staff to apply for computer loan amounting 2000(max), payable in 24 months by deducting their monthly salary. do we need to get approval from DG of labour office to deduct the staff salary?
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14/08/2009 09:58:19
Dear Rina,

For my way i will let them sign a copy of simple agreement and stated in the salary slip.
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14/08/2009 19:02:47
It is good to write to the DG and get prior permission with regards to this employer welfare scheme.

"Sec.(4) The following deductions shall not be made except at the request in writing of the employee and with the prior permission in writing of the Director General:
(a) deductions in respect of the payments into any superannuation scheme, provident fund, employer's welfare scheme or insurance scheme established for the benefit of the employee;"
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