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12/08/2009 13:05:27
Re: Off days entitlement

My Company has given double overtime if work on offdays and PH but r these workers that work on their offdays or PH entitle for replacement off days?
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12/08/2009 16:21:31
Depending if they are covered by EA or not i.e. whether they are earning RM1500 and below or otherwise. Those in EA, the EA spells out the rate of payment.

For those not covered, some companies do work out amicable solutions in arranging for replacement leave. You will find that those on higher salaries i.e. 2K and above generally prefers their replacement leave, but not all. So cannot please all but company can always draw up a policy.
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13/08/2009 01:19:36
No replacement leave. Their off days and public holidays spent on work have already been compensated with the double overtime.
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Gunasagran Rajagopal
13/08/2009 09:55:29
I am an Operation Manager of a branch office of foreign company. I wonder if staffs on probation period are entitled to have medical benefits and as medical leaves. As my head office saying that they are not entitled to have both benefits if happen so to be considered as unpaid leave.

Please advise I am bit confused.

Best Regards
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13/08/2009 10:34:47
Usually staff are not entitled for any paid leave (including medical leave) before completing a continuous 12 months service. There is no provision for medical claim during probation by Law. But there are some companies provide medical claim during probation at management's mercy.
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