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Maggi Wong
12/08/2009 12:47:37
Re: Unfair treatment and arrangement by company


Would like to seek for expertise advice on following case.

Writer is a confirm staff as Account Assistance on an electronic manufacturing company, on a 5 days work weekly.

Due to recent economy down-fall, staffs are instructed to work 4 days and salary deducts accordingly (Whereby higher management, who maintain 5 days work and salary maintain).

Recent notice given by management, in order to resume 5 days work and no deduction of salary. Writer has to work at the production line.


1. Why higher management able to “escape” the salary deduction? Instate of us as lower income group.
2. As hired as Account Assistance, it’s right company to shift us to the production line? Which is totally difference working environment.
3. Is our SOCSO able to cover us incase of any accident happened at the production line?
4. Do writer have the right to refuse to work at production line?

Appreciate for yours expertise advice.

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13/08/2009 01:10:36
1. That's so-called management's prerogative.
2. The company has the rights to make manpower relocation.
3. Yes. That's what SOCSO is about.
4. If it is a demotion from white collar to blue collar, you can refuse it, unless justified with a revision of remuneration package or with your voluntary acceptance.
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