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11/08/2009 17:34:12
Re: prorated increment

Hi Mr Siew,

I have just joined a company for 9 months, and I was given a confirmation in my 6th month employment. Recently, there was a salary review exercise and I received some increment too since I had been confirmed before the cut off date. But they have pro-rated my increment with the reason being my years of service is under 1 year. Is this a normal practice for increment to be pro-rated? I would understand if bonus is pro-rated...but is it the same concept for increment?
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13/08/2009 00:44:26
Does your company have a standard formula for increment? For instance: 10% increment for every 12 months service. As I used to work in an European MNC who practises a standard increment of X% for every 12 months service for staff at Y level.
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