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11/08/2009 09:53:58
Re: 6 months notice of resignation

My current employer made me signed a 6 months notice of resignation instead of 1 month. Is this legal?
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11/08/2009 19:41:33
It is a fair deal if 6 months notice is required from both employer and employee. Most importantly, do bargain with the employer before signing the letter of offer, if you think any clauses are unfair.
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27/08/2009 13:52:33
Hi there,

I just resigned with 1 day notice instead of 2 weeks. My salary is RM2000++. I was on 6days MC before I resign. Can i know the calculation because i was working there completely one month. Do i still get paid for that particular month? Do i need to pay them? If yes, how would be the calculation.

Thanks in advance.
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