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11/08/2009 08:55:45
Re: Re : Late-in ofr the month of July 2009

Can my company (HR Department) issue this reminder to me even though I did follow the company rules to call up and informed the HR Dept as well as my immediate Superior?
HR then later said that :-

The company had never came out with any regulation that stated that you are excluded from action taken towards lateness if you call and inform the HR department or your immediate superior. Therefore informing the HR department that you’ll be late due to any reason is just fulfilling you responsibility as an employee but not an exemption module for coming to work late.

Please be reminded that:-
a) Even thou you had inform the HR department of your lateness, that doesn’t means that you have been given approval to be late.

b) The company regulation had never stated that “ action will not be taken towards employees who had informed the management that they’ll be late”

c) Informing the HR department/ immediate superior of you possible lateness is just fulfilling the primary responsibility as an employee.

d) The fact is that you are late and the reason that you gives doesn’t justified your lateness.

Please be noted that the reminder shall be served to you and disciplinary action will be taken for the same occurrence of the matter.


In regards to the above, could you kindly advice.

Thank you & Regards,

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11/08/2009 19:10:56
Yes. The letter makes sense. Usually staff are not allowed to be late to work. The acceptance of any reason given for the lateness is subject to the management's discretion. Let's deal with you HR on this matter amicably if you think you have the valid reason for being late.
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