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10/08/2009 13:07:43
Re: Resignation - calculation of salary

Need some help on calculating the salary for a staff that just resigned. The accounts handed me the payment voucher for the staff as below :-

Last date of employment - 09/08/09

Payment for July 09 (full month) RM1500 with necessary deductions (epf, socso)
Payment for Aug 09 (9 days) RM450 (no deductions)

*RM450 = RM1500/30 x 9

1) Aug 09 should be with deductions - correct?
2) Is the calculation for Aug right? He's is a monthly pay. Should it be over 31 days or 26 days? Is there a valid reason why the accounts department is calculation over 30 days?

The staff on mutual agreement has agreed to stay on till end Aug 09. His salary 10th-31st Aug therefore, should be paid with the normal deductions as well, correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks :)
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11/08/2009 16:13:15
1) If it is agreed that there are no EPF and SOCSO contributions for the final month, then there is no deduction.
2) Honestly, both 26 days and 30 days are used in reality. But most MNCs use 26 days.

Yes, if the staff agrees to work until the last day of the month, he will get the salary with normal deductions as previous months.
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