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10/08/2009 12:13:20
Re: Service Point Paid

I working with Restaurant P as an Account Exe. with basic monthly (RM2,000) and fixed service point (RM600) pay. Refer to an agreeement :-

1.) Did employer have a right to separate my salary pay by 7th & 22nd of the month eventhough I'm not from service department ?

2.) Did employer have a right to deduct my "service point" for :-
Lateness 15min & above : 1week deduction
Lateness 30min & above : 2weeks deduction
Lateness 45min & above : 3weeks deduction
Lateness 1hrs & above : No Service Point
Absent : No Service Point

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10/08/2009 14:51:47
The fixed service point pay serves as an incentive to motivate staff to work harder. It should not be regarded as "fixed" service point pay.

1) Yes. As long as you get your full salary by 7th of next month.

2) Yes. Your employer has the right. Service point pay is usually subject to KPI fulfillment.
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