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Tan Boon Ming
09/08/2009 15:12:11
Re: Resignation

is it the employer must pay me the balance of salary of 2 month salalry if i tender my resignation on monday wif the 2month notification and he (employer) say u can leave by this coming friday..??

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10/08/2009 13:59:07
If your appointment letter says you need to serve 2 months notice for resignation, that means your employer has to pay you 2 months salary even if you are asked to leave much earlier. Do communicate with your HR if you have any query.
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04/09/2009 01:56:55
I had tender my resignation on 1st Aug giving 1 mth notice. As also got 7n days annual leaves then I sh be leaving on 21st Aug. My boss asked me to stay until 4th Sep and agree to pay me the 11 extra days I am working.
In my appointment letter is stated on top of the salary I will be entitled to additional 200.00 for 100% attendance bonus during any calendar month
If absent for 1 day during any calender month for any reason other than annual leave then will be paid Rm100.00 and if 2 days no attendance bonus will be paid.
By right she should be paying monthly but they didnt since I am leaving they should paid me 8 months and since I had taken 1 day MC in Jly then she should deduct 100.oo on that month .
Now she refuse to pay me this attendance money, what should I do? Please advise. Thanks
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