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08/08/2009 09:32:14
Re: Ot calculation

My husband working with company X on 3/7/09 as worker with monthly pay RM1400. His OT paid only RM9.72/hr. (RM1400/27day). When my husband questioned the HR about the rate, the HR said they based on their company policy.

The Socso contribution also not shown in the payslip but he was told by HR that company paid for all the sosco contribution. The HR did not show my husband how much the contribution. What I understand is there are 2 type of contribution.
1)contribution from employee & employer
2)contribution from employer only (pencen ilat) for age 55 above.
I don't know which type of contribution they made, my husband is not subject to type 2.
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KL Siew
08/08/2009 13:30:40
1. His OT should be (1400/26x8) x 1.5 per hour.

2. You better check with SOCSO to find out the exact position.
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08/08/2009 13:41:52
The standard OT rates are commonly practised by production plants, F&B industry, or service industry.

As for SOCSO contribution, your husband is entitled for SOCSO contribution which consists of 2 parts. 1st part is from the employee where it is deducted from the monthly salary, and the 2nd part is from the employer. You can contact SOCSO at 03-4257 5755 to check whether the company has paid the SOCSO contribution accordingly.
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