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07/08/2009 15:12:11
Re: Overtaken annual leave

Mr.X already tender his resignation on 1/8/09.
He overtaken 7 days annual leave (advance leave).

How to calculate the AL - based on calender month or 26??
RM3000/26 x 7 days =RM807.69 or
RM3000/31 x 7 days =RM677.42
Can we deduct the car allow (Fixed RM500/mth) also?
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KL Siew
07/08/2009 17:23:54
This staff of yours is not covered by the Employment Act. If you want to use it as a guide, RM3000/26 x 7 days =RM807.69 is correct. Under the definition of "wages", it only says the following is not included

"(c ) any travelling allowance or the value of any travelling concession;"

If your car allowance is not sort of travelling allowance, it is in.
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07/08/2009 17:26:51
Based on RM3,000/26 X 7 days = RM807.69
No. You can't deduct the (fixed) car allowance.
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