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07/08/2009 15:06:10
Re: Maternity Leave

"A female employee shall entitle for maternity leave and shall have less than 5 surviving children and has been employed at least 90 days in the 4 mths immediately before her confinement."

If Ms. XXX joined the company C, 3 months ago and pregnant again (6th child) , she has 5 children but never worked before, is she entitle for meternity leave in this company C?
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KL Siew
07/08/2009 17:06:15
If all other 5 children are still surviving, then she is not entitled. On the hand, if she had 5 children and only 4 are surviving, then she is entitled.

The actual words in the EA are as follow:

"(c ) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), a female employee shall not be entitled to any maternity allowance if at the time of her confinement she has five or more surviving children. "
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11/08/2009 20:39:49
Dear Mr. Siew,

I will appreciate you could advise me whether the situation is diferrent in below 3 senario:-

Senario 1: May I know what if the staff already got 3 pairs of twins? As it is more than 5 children but only 3 maternity leave given before.

Senario 2: The company still can grant the staff maternity leave if employer would like to retain the staff ( even if more than 5 children), am i right?

Senario 3: How about if the other children already above 18 years old? Let say eldest already 19 years old, will staff enjoy maternity leave if deliver 6th children after that?

Thanks in advance.

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