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Tan Boon Ming
06/08/2009 23:19:40
Re: Force to transfer

my employer ask me and 1 of my collegue to transfer to other department because of lack productive of current department..

he let us choose between customer relation department and sales & marketing department.

But the problem my fren more prefered to choose cust department and im indirectly being force to choose sales which ned to hit target every month..

currently my current department doesnt required to hit any target,... i just fell betrayed because its doesnt stat any in my contract of emplyment...the sales department ned to hit target, if not hit target, then im gonna being fired.

pls help me.... i just not feel comfortable in sales department..

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07/08/2009 00:25:20
You guys are being transferred to other depts due to low productivity in your current dept. This is actually a chance to secure your rice bow, as you guys might be out of job sooner or later if there is no such offer of transfer to other depts.

Let's tune your mindset positively to face the challenge in the new department, and request for a grace period of "X" months sales target exemption before you can cope with the new designation. Or else, let's start looking for jobs out there.
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tan boon ming
07/08/2009 08:07:33
frankly, i have a degree in hr... i love job in hr because of the chalenging eviroment .

But now, im force to transfer to sales department which is im very clueless about the product and everything ... its a new thing.. i know its kinda a jerk to giv up this opportunities but the main reason i joined this company is because of the currently position(hr) and not sales...

Its already change my job description to totally a new thing and huge different..

it is posible for me to discuss a proper resignation seems im really not interested in the new job (sales)??

And is it posible for me to ask a benefit, bonus or anything seems i have been here for almost 1 year....

pls help
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07/08/2009 11:46:58
I do understand your situation. It might be a good move to resign if you are not ready to do sales. But make sure you tender your resignation only after getting a new job offer. Any extra benefit such as bonus will be at the management's discretion. But no harm to talk to your management about it.
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14/08/2009 10:31:33
Dear Mr Tan,
i think you can bring up the case to IR if you resigned from this position!
Bcoz your scope of job totally difference! It's seem like your employer got very bed intention to force you go! But i think doing sales better then doing HR! If your company really with good intention to give you a chance why you to try it out? no matter what we have to think positively!
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26/02/2010 13:01:37
Dear Sir

I am very unpset that my company have transfer me to another department, and i was forced to be in charged of one more section. Do they have the right?? even if that section do have similar function.

Hope i have a good direction for my promblem.

Thank you

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