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06/08/2009 16:23:07
Re: transfer to defferent department

right now im in a hr department.. my manager request me to choose to transfer to sales or customer service department because lack of mainpower in the department...

My contract agreement is as a hr ... i feel betrayal ..

Is it legal for employer to transfer me to other department even i dont like it?

is it wise for me to tender my resignation?
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KL Siew
06/08/2009 17:10:28
Yes, they can transfer you. Don't resign unless you have a better job waiting for you.
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28/08/2009 14:47:25
My colleague is also being forced to be tranfered to another department which she is totally disinterest with.

Is there anything that we can do to reject such offer? Is it that they have the right to transfer us anywhere as they wish?

I saw another sample here "change position" which says we can reject with some reasons and request of compensation. If the company fails to provide our request they have to pay us for the lay off?

please advice as the HR department is forcing her to give answer on Tuesday (1/9/2009)
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