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05/08/2009 08:55:59
Re: Terminate Staff

One of the staff starts often by taking emergency leave and MC at average 2.5 days a month.
He is very de-motivated and indirectly affected the team work when he starts talk bad about the company and the increment.

The management consider this is the root of the cause for whole department.
1. Is it consider misconduct?
2. The company decided o give him show cause letter and can the company terminate him due to his absenteeism and de-motivation levels where it has affected the other colleagues and inciting others.

Please advice.
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05/08/2009 10:31:39
1) The best way to discourage staff from taking emergency leaves is by imposing the policies like, emergency leave exceeding "X" days will be regarded as no pay leave, or will be issued a show cause letter. Whereas for the bad influence to others, make sure you have the evidence in black and white. eg. e-mails, sms.

2) For the show cause letter, I think just include the frequent absence for now. If this is the first warning letter, it is not advisable to fire him right away.
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