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05/08/2009 02:09:13
Re: Resignation before 1 Month Notice

I'm leaving for another company. My current employer says it's okay to leave without a 1 month notice. Is this okay?

There are no Black and white or signature or anything.
I've been working for 3 years since 2006.
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05/08/2009 02:11:12
I have already sent in my resignation letter for your information. Can they press charges on me just in case?
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Kl Siew
05/08/2009 10:25:09
I don't know whether you can take their word for it. I think it will be safer for you to give one month's notice in writing and in that letter you apply to them to waive the notice and let you go immediately. If it is OK with them, let them say OK and they must pay you up to the last day.
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