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04/08/2009 11:13:29
Re: Resignation


I have a question. I've given my 1 month notice of resignation. According to the notice my last day would be on the 22nd August.

However, i still have a balance of 7 days of my annual leave. Am i entitled to take my 7 days annual leave? This means my last day of work is on the 12th August.

Right now my employee says since I'll be resigning, I'm not entitled to take the 14 days annual leave per year term. They calculated and I only am entitled to take 3 days of my annual leave not 7 days. Is this correct?

Kindly advice. Thanks
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KL Siew
04/08/2009 14:20:40
You will have to let me know the date of your joining the company before I can say anything.
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