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03/02/2009 12:42:46
Re: Thaipusam Holiday


Our Company located at Kuala Lumpur. Last year January, company gave us Thaipusam Holiday but this year 2009, company said we dont have Thaipusam holiday. It is possible company do so ? Can the staff sue Company for not giving Thaipusam Holiday because it has been announced as state holiday for Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya.

Please advise.
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KL Siew
03/02/2009 13:22:46
I am not sure whether Thaipusam is gazetted holiday in KL and Putrajaya. Even if it is, it is one of the chosen PHs for your company? Make sure first before you consult the Labour Office
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03/02/2009 15:09:42
my company also does not give thaipusam leave...the management said that it is our new company policy which does not declare thaipusam as a public policy ..haiyaaa...i already make plans la
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