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03/08/2009 17:04:04
Re: Annual Leave for wages over RM1500.00

Just to check, if my salary is more than RM1500, then do I get the 8 days annual leave or is it base on the employer's discretion? Is everything about the Employment Act not relevant in this case?
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03/08/2009 20:31:05
The 8 days annual leave is a minimum set by Law for employees earning RM1,500 or below. For most cases, just refer to your appointment letter or employee handbook which is at the discretion of the employer.
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18/08/2009 14:19:33
Dear CK,
I earn slightly above rm 1500. My contract mentions I get 8 annual leave for 12 months continuous service( 2 yrs and below) subseguently 12days ( 2 yrs to 5 yrs service) Above 5 years is 16 days.

Thus for 1st yr -0 day,2 nd yr is 8 days, then 3 to 5 yrs is 12 days,.
Can I claim 16 days for my 6th year, as I have served more than 5 complete years.
Thanks in advance
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24/03/2011 22:29:36
I've started working on 23rd August, 2009. Accordingly it is stated in the Offer Letter that for the 1st two years I am entitled 8 days of annual leave per year and from 3rd year onwards to 5 years service its 12 days per year. My question is:-
1. Does my 12 days AL entitlement is effective 24th August, 2011 or should wait till 1/1/2012?
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