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03/08/2009 09:29:30
Re: Resignation salary question

Hi all, please give me some advice about my case.
my termination date is 12-jun-2009 with 2 months notice,
my last day should be 11-AUG-2009, right ?

According to Sec.19, "Every employer shall pay to each of his employees not later than the 7th day after the last day of any wage period......".

then my company is giving wages at every 28th of the months,
now already 3-aug-2009, but i still didnt get any wages or information about my salary, what can i do ? my company told me that " it is the right of company didnt let me know anything about my wages date..."

or my wages will be pay before 7-AUG-2009 according to the law ?

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03/08/2009 10:45:01
It is quite common to see delay in the final month pay due to the audit work, especially for those who are entitled for commissions or allowances, or holding company's laptop, handphone, etc. But do request your HR to commit a deadline for it.
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03/08/2009 13:40:46
HR didnt accept my call, including their personal hand phone...
so my wages will be pay before 7-AUG-2009,
or 3-AUG-2009 ?? according to the law, if my wages date suppose is locate at 28th of months
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03/08/2009 13:58:22
Why didn't they answer your call? Then you should drop by their office and seek an answer from them. If there is still no answer from them after seeing them, you shall then seek help from labour dept. But don't make the situation stiff at this stage, as this is not the best way to solve the problem.
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03/08/2009 14:06:43
hais, company management is not professional... actually the real HR position in this company hold by who i also no idea, just now im calling to Big Boss's wife who handling Accounts, but she declined that she's HR before this. haha...

according to the company chart, the HR column is empty since 2007, FUNny... some times the General Manager can sit the HR position and so do the Sales Manager (he's 2nd boss).

just now i consult to big boss already ad he said will be on tomorrow 4-8-2009 bank in, hope can believe this time...
since 28th July i looking for salary, they said will be on 31st July, then 31st July say today will bank in... today saying will be on tomorrow...
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03/08/2009 14:32:09
In that case, you may seek help from the labour dept. You can get their info from the follow link:
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