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31/07/2009 20:33:31
Re: unfair justice to a retired man

my father is a retired man who was still working as an operation manager. the company that he worked with simply told that he stole an item and filed a police report. but the trick to it is it happened yesterday and told my father to leave the job..... after the police said that he is not guilty, the employer still did not want to give him his salary..and made him to make a police report that says that he is not guilty, and asked him to wait for the check.the trick is today , the employer had already got a replacement for him. still the check was not given. can i sue the company?
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31/07/2009 22:53:29
You can seek help from Industrial relations.
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01/08/2009 10:39:19
If the employer did not go to a detail and wise investigation upon terminate the your father service. Plus, the police evident is sufficient to show your father is not guilty and the employer did not come to respone you why the company said and doing so without clearly explaination with cause of evidence and replace him with another one with prejudice.

The employer possible under law sue. Please log the complaint to labour department and industrial relation department which is relevant to this cases.
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03/08/2009 14:05:04
Industrial Relations Dept is the one handling the cases pertaining to employees' unfair treatment.
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