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SY Loh
03/02/2009 09:23:41
Re: Problem-deduct salary

Hi, hope u remember who im. I posted few questions before CNY. and Thanks to KL Siew that i resigned just recently and i hv go to complaint to EPF about not giving me EPF with reason that i was not confirmed.

And im worry that, what was written on the offer letter is :"Temporary Tems and Condition Employment. " She has nvr review the offer letter after that. Will the wording temporary affect me to get back my EPF? And how about my portion of contribution to EPF? She nvr deducted from salary for EPF before.

Some other question to ask : i resign when im still on probation period after i worked for 8 months. When i got back my salary yesterday, i found out that my boss has deducted RM79.90 saying that i take one day unpaid leave for CNY. Im so confused, ppl under probation doesn't deserve any paid leave? According to her offer letter, paid annual leave only valid after 1 year of working. Is this the real law?

Furthermore, i was deducted RM100 as well. According to her, this is because i didn't keep a good eye on the key to the money drawer. So, she lost RM200, i have to pay RM100. im a vet, im not a clerk. I feel so sad about this. What can i do about this? Or i just have to bear with the loss since i resigned already?

Thanks for your help.
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KL Siew
03/02/2009 09:46:20
1. About the EPF matter, what you need to do is to make a complaint to the EPF and let them deal with it.

2. Since you are a vet. I think you are not covered by the Employment Act as your salary will probably over RM1500. Under that Act, an employee is not entitled to paid leave until he or she has completed 12 months of service.

Since you have resigned, I think it is not worth the trouble to pursue the matter apart from the EPF matter. Concentrate on your new job if you have got one.
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SY Loh
03/02/2009 10:25:07
Tq. KL siew.
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