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31/07/2009 18:50:30
Re: company or staff's fault?

Ms. X in-charge of pay-roll & told my colleague that she accidentally banked in extra $ into her account & now told her to return Ms.X in cash the extra $. So, my colleague returned Ms. X the cash with me as a witness & written in black & white & signed on a simple piece of paper. Now, company fired Ms.X for 'taking company $ into her on pocket'. Now, company found out that my colleague was paid extra last month & told her to return the $. My colleague told company that she had returned the $ to Ms.X with witness. But, manager said that now Ms.X is no longer company employee & the problem is between my colleague & Ms.X. My colleague has to find Ms.X to get the $, if not my colleague has to fork out another lumpsome of $ to pay back company! I would like to find out who is accountable now? Thank you.
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KL Siew
31/07/2009 20:02:47
Wow! what a puzzle. Personally, what do you think?
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01/08/2009 09:27:03
Personally, I think it is company's problem and not not the "victims".
What do u think?
Kindly give me yoour advice.
Thank you very much.
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KL Siew
01/08/2009 09:58:10
I did try very hard to understand the problem, but I couldn't get it. No choice but to respect your thinking.
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03/08/2009 22:31:59
As long as the money paid = the amount stated on the pay slip, the employee is not liable for whatsoever further obigation. Even if there is any discrepancy, it is the company's problem. Because to all staff in your company, Ms X is not a person, but "Accounts Dept" that is appointed by the management.
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