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31/07/2009 09:12:09

i would like to ask if the management has warning the workers for many time for not doing thier duty in a proper way has cause company lost. ie. warehouse staff did not do good checking in and out properly has cause company lost. such as received stock less or stock has loading more than the actual amount should loading, did not inspect the good carefuly untill a month later then notice some good is harden or torn or leaking, or more over their did not protect the company good in good manner.

Above mistake has cause company lost a few thousand a year for many year . Warning is given. But , they still behave the same attitude.

Now, my management would like to cut their pay if things happen again instead of terminate their services.

May i know has the management has the right doin so.
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31/07/2009 10:40:18
In the first place, did the management warn the said workers with warning letters? If so, you can talk to them on the possible pay cut for repeating the same mistakes, but make sure their mistakes are measurable with supporting documents compiled, rather than based on vague assumptions.
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