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tee lai ping
31/07/2009 08:41:05
Re: 14 days mc within 3 months probationary period

staff earns less than rm2k, and still under probationary period. during this time, she took 14 days MC already. When she resigned 2 days short of the full 3 mths probationary, is she entitled to the full 14 days MC? And also, salary was paid early on 28th of the month, and she left on 29th, can we claim back the 30th day salary?
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31/07/2009 10:29:32
Usually staff are not entitled for any paid leave (including medical leave) during probation. It is at the management's discretion to whether entitle her the 14 days paid ML. As for the the 1 day short of work, yes, you can claim back the 1 day salary from her.
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