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30/07/2009 18:12:36
Re: Termination of a female employee during pregnancy

My management has decided to terminate my service while I am 5 months pregnant. They try to find all sorts of reason to terminate me before my maternity entitlement. The reasons are very lame, such as coming in late, and poor performance. I have been serving my company for almost 5 years and I joined the company while I was single. Where can I seek protection for my case?
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KL Siew
30/07/2009 20:23:00
If they have already terminated your service, you go and complain to the Industrial Relations Department and ask to be reinstated. If they have not yet terminated your service, just carry on working as usual.
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04/08/2009 14:34:32
Thank you.
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07/01/2010 14:28:00
Im a chemist and 5 months pregnant. My management is also giving lame reasons eg. work performance, safety to my unborn baby (because i deal with chemicals). My question is , do i have a right to ask for lighter duties as in paperwork or different position within company? Will i be paid with the same salary or lesser ? Or should i just let them terminate me for pregnancy reason.
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