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30/07/2009 13:59:40
Re: Staff who work more than 40 years - URGENT

Hi, my father in law has worked for a factory for more then 40 years, and till end of last month, he has resigned and retied till end of June 2009.

I have few question need your advice:-

(a) for the past 40 years, the y never provide him an annual leave;
(b) never provide the EFP after his age of 55;
(c) the employer has promised him to give him a sum of money after his retirement but until now the factory pay nothing
(d) the factory has allowed him to work half a day with full salary since 2 years ago as he has worked for so many years and need to take care of my mother in law who has stroked;
(e) for the salary of May, the factory deductaed RM100 being the allowance wihout giving any reason;
(f) the last drawn salary, the facotry has deducted half of his salary without giving any reason and notice.

PLease advise what should we do and shall we go to labour office to report?

Need your urgent advise

Thanks in advace
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KL Siew
30/07/2009 14:45:34
A very sad case. Your father should have consulted other people before resigning. Now, it looks like he is going to lose a lot. I really don't have much to say except advicing you to bring your father to consult the Labour Office or the IR Department see if any help can be given to him.
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11/08/2009 10:33:21
We informed the IRB one month before the employee resigned and noted that there are tax to be paid. When we detain the last drawn salary for tax purposes, she asked why didnt her previous employer practise such policy?
What should the company reply ? Should we withold the small amount for tax clearance ?

Can she settle the payment by herself after leaving the company.

Please advise
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