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02/02/2009 17:40:35
Re: Public Holiday

If state public holiday fall on Sunday, is it compulsary to bring forward the off day to the next day or is up to the management.
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KL Siew
02/02/2009 21:30:04
The law just says "another day". So, it can be any day any where.
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31/03/2009 11:14:12
basic saya RM500, saya kerja masa public holiday 8 jam. bagaimana kiraan nya?

RM 500.00 basic atau RM 500.00 basic

RM 38.46 ph pay ($ 500/26*2) RM 19.23 (RM500/26)
------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Rm 538.46 total RM 519.23 Total
========================= =================
terima kasih.
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