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30/07/2009 11:04:51
Re: Bankruptcy case

Hi, Good Day to you. I have queries on bankruptcy case ..

I have a staff, he is now under a court case and his bank account all been frozen.

He haven't declared as bankruptcy yet.

So in this month i still give him salary but is in cash form.

my question is :
if he is declare as bankruptcy, how should i treat his salary ?


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30/07/2009 11:21:03
Sorr for my previous message.
now my staff confirm as bankruptcy already..

Question :
1) what is the treatment for his salary ?
2) is that correct to hold his salary in this month ?

Thank you.
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KL Siew
30/07/2009 12:19:37
Have you received any garnishee order from the Court, that is to say the court wants you to pay part of his salary to some authority like Official Assignee for the settlement of debt? If not, why do you want to withhold his salary?
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30/07/2009 14:12:01
Thank you.
At the moment i do not receive any letter / instruction from the court.
Tomorrow the staff's lawyer will update me on the appealing matter.
Definately i will give him the salary before 7th August, unless as u said of the Official Assignee matter. I will take note on this.
Thank you so much ...

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