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28/07/2009 21:19:04
Re: Unfair dismissal

Dear Sir,
i like an advise from you, due to my employer terminate me within 24 hours and i had working with this company more than a year with confirmation letter also 1 month in due notice., mine salary was above RM2500, the company terminate me with the reason of "poor performance" without any warning letter given to me. What can I do beside going to IR office?
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KL Siew
28/07/2009 21:49:39
The IR Department is the right place for you to go.
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03/08/2009 20:14:10
had consult to IR department and called the employer, any how the IR office seem like standing at empolyer side. Employer had accept me back to work at the company but I decline, IR officer said that was my problem and he can't do anything any more and he have to close my case and ask me to write the letter state that I not accept the employer offer work with the company any more and accept the money of 1 month salary in due. Really sad that IR officer was talking at employer side. Hopeless.
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