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Pui Yen
27/07/2009 14:17:33
Re: working on public holiday

On this coming Hari Raya. 20/9 (sun) & 21/9 (mon), so the replacement public holiday is fall on 22/9 (tue).
Because our butique is at shopping mall.
may i know, how the leave calculation if we work on 20 , 21 & 22 Sep?
Or how the salary should we get ?

Thanks & regards!
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KL Siew
27/07/2009 14:58:29
Before I answer, please clarify whether Hari Raya (two days) are chosen by your shop as public holidays for your employees?
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Pui Yen
27/07/2009 15:23:26
Dear KL Siew,

Thanks for your reply.

yes, all the Public Holiday have been choosen as employee's holiday.

May i know how the replacement off day as a employee can get ?

Thanks + regards!
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KL Siew
27/07/2009 16:36:10
So, I think you can it like this:

1. Working on Sunday, you get (salary/26) x 1
2. Working on Monday and Tuesday, you get (salary/26) x 2

If not sure, consult the Labour Office.
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Pui Yen
27/07/2009 16:39:31
many thanks KL Siew.

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