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06/03/2008 11:25:30

I applied 5 days unpaid leave started form 3/12-7/12 2008.I took it due to my contract was ende on the 30th of November 2007 and i was not entittled for any anual leave for new contract yet. At the end of the month, my salary has been deducted for 7 days unpaid leave - 3/12-9/12 2007 where include my off day ( sat & sun). Until today, after 2 months claim for the dispute , the mgmt said , the dispute is not valid.
FYI i'm working in Contact centre(outbound dept) and my working hours is 8.30-6.00 pm from Mon to Fri.
I wolud like to know is it true that I will not get back my claim and for what reason is that? TQ
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KL Siew
06/03/2008 13:36:20
I think you will have to pay the Labour Department a visit and make a claim against your former employer.
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amerie zara
12/03/2008 22:33:45
hi...i used to work for a well known cafe in mid valley and there is a deaf and mute malay staff who has been workin there for many years in the same outlet. i visited her today and she was telling me that her son who is 5yrs of age will be under going an operation to remove a growth in the intestines. before this the boy was admitted for a week and the hospital gave a letter to present it to her outlet manager to have a week's leave to be there for her son. the letter was not even open up to be read and it was lying on the gourmet area. but that was not much of a problem knowing the fact that the outlat manager does not speak good bahasa, she gave the malay staff a week of unpaid leave. she is a fulltime now and she is entitled to have paid leave. she has nobody to help her in financial area and she is also a divorcee. can u plz advide on how to help her get paid for that one week? thanks
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