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04/03/2008 22:54:39
Re: Confirm Staff Resigned Without Notice

Let say there have one confirm staff that resigned without notice, after we deduct notice from his balance salary, he still owe company notice, then we sent liability letter to his by post but at the end no feedback from him, what should we take for the next action?
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KL Siew
05/03/2008 07:08:43
If you want to, you may go to the labour Department and lodge a claim for the smount he still owes as indemnity in lieu of notice.
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06/03/2008 11:25:42
So go to labour office,
1. What document shall I bring over there?
2. What action will be taken by labour office?
3. The chance to claim back the money is it high?

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KL Siew
06/03/2008 13:33:18
The employer may bring along a copy of the appointment letter of that employee concerned, his resignation letter.

As to what the Labour Office will do and what will be the result, I think it will be better for you to experience it hands-on.
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