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Yip Chee Choy
02/03/2008 18:14:18
Re: Excessive abuse from the boss.

I am posting this on behalf of my wife.
My wife works with a private firm as a secretary. Her boss, a women, has been constantly harrassing and scolding her with in merest of incidents. Like my wife is not even allowed to make coffee for herself in the office. Asked to clear the food tables after a company meeting. Currently she has been doing errants like sending the company car for repairs and making banking runs. I am not sure if this is part of her job decription but Ihere must be some guide-lines. If my wife was to be asked to clean the tolets, should she oblige? The boss is slowly and surely coming to this eventually. Maybe she feels she can get the staff to resign by making my wife do all these work. I have advised her to remain calm and not to have any encounters with her boss. If her boss were to transfer her to another job desisgnation, like an administrative personnel, can her boss reduce her salary to the new assignment. Shes has not done anything wrong nor has she been warned or counselled over any misconduct. The problem is that the company personnel are never been under any form of union so how is she protected from such abuse at her working place? Please advise urgently as I am afraid my wife will retaliate and give her boss the needed reason to dismiss her.
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KL Siew
02/03/2008 20:27:14
My advice is your wife should start looking for another job right now.
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