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29/02/2008 13:59:58
Re: Coming to work late

Dear Sir,

Please advice wheather an employer can give a writen memo to staffs, if he/she comes to work late, every 8 minutes (accumulated) they are late, the employer can deduct 1 hour salary for every 8 minutes late? i.e example : every day late by 1 or 2 min accumulated in a month, lets say 25 min, the employer have the right to deduct 3 hrs of your salary?
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KL Siew
29/02/2008 16:41:40
I have the feeling that your employer must be very fed up with his employees always coming to work late. I don't know of any law that he can or cannot do that. Since the rules have been laid down and everybody knows about them, the proper thing for the workers to do is not to come to work late.

If you are thinking that the employer should deduct only for the actual minutes late for work, then the workers may not be afraid, they may say "deduct deduct lah".

That's how I feel, you better ask the Labour Department about this.

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