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23/02/2008 11:51:55
Re: resignation

according to my employment letter, i hv to give 1 month notice for my resignation..
however, is there any ways that i can give 24 hours notice? as my company is performing unlawful activities, therefore i wish to leave..

besids tat, i search in the net that i can give 24 hours notice if my immediately dependants is threatened by danger or disease, can i use this as an excuse?

if they accept my 24 hours notice with the above reason, will they still pay me my current month salary??
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KL Siew
23/02/2008 13:23:39
If you think by continuing working there may get yourselve in trouble with the law like getting arrested, you have to do something you think is best for you. If you give 24 hours notice, they may not pay you your salary. Alternatively why not collect salary first and then give 24 notice and prepare to face the consequences?
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