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14/08/2008 11:12:10
Re: Employment of Contract

I have been offered a job on management level. The salary offered is 3.5K/month.
The job is on contract basis for 6 months.

However, there will be no deduction from salary or employer for EPF. Is this OK? If I agree to this voluntarily, am I in any way against any law for not to contribute to EPF? My reasoning is since it is only for 6 months, I may as well take the whole amount monthly without deduction.

However, as far as SOCSO or medical benefits is concern, I was given health insurance coverage paid by the employer. No contribution to SOCSO is made.

Need feedback, thanks.
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KL Siew
14/08/2008 11:36:33
EPF and SOCSO may think otherwise. If you have no complaint and happy about the contract, there should be no problem I suppose.
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