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12/08/2008 13:04:01
Re: Problem Employee

The employee is not satisfy the benefit he’s having now, he make lot of noise to HR but not direct to the boss.

In the other hand, he performing: poor punctuality; use of customers payment (he said that company arranged he petrol late. As we know that if he’s not submit the customers payment to the company, how we going to arrange for him?); always last minutes sms that he is taking leave the next day; report submission late and not follow practice… etc.

He mentioned if company terminated him, he will make big problem for the company.

In this case, what shall the company do? Kindly have your advice.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
12/08/2008 14:42:47
You may sack him if you have good reasons and certain disciplinary procedures must be followed. Using customers' money for his own purposes is very serious if you have proof (I don't know what are your actual problems). One thing is for sure, that guy is not happy with you people.
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