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12/08/2008 10:59:35
Re: Minimum Wage Rate

Malaysia has practiced Minumum Wage Rate? Comply to which level of employee?
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KL Siew
12/08/2008 11:52:59
In Malaysia, the Wages Council Act 1947 does provide minimum remuneration and conditions of employment of certain categories of workers in some sectors like hotel and catering, shop assistants in big towns, cinemas. But with the present day market forces, the minimum remuneration rates provided under those what they call Wages Regulations Orders are far less than the current market rates of remuneration enjoyed by those workers. One can safely say, the minimum remunerations provided are practically useless. For the present updates of the minimum rates (if there is any), I suggest you contact the Labour Department. I remember during my time, the minimum rate for shop assistants was RM250 per month. Who will work for the amount nowadays?
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