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11/08/2008 15:09:18
Re: Wages calculation

Please advice, how shd a company count on the wages with the below scenario:

Date Joined: 01/07/2008
Date Resign: 08/08/2008
Notice Needed: 1 week
Last date of employment: 14/08/2008
* with 2 days unpaid leave (therefore, working days only 12 days)
* if the basic salary: Rm4,000

How to calculate on the above? What will be my net salary bring home?
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KL Siew
11/08/2008 16:11:07
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11/08/2008 16:55:04
As I know, if I have complete a full month service...the following month should be Rm4000/no. of working days x 12 instead of 31.
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KL Siew
11/08/2008 19:31:42
I am not sure about that. You may consult the Labour Office.
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12/08/2008 16:59:20
Hi Carol,

Maybe this would help:

July's salary = 4000/31*31 = 4000
Aug's salary (1/8 ~ 14/8) = 4000/31*14 = 1806.45
Deduct 2 days unpaid on Aug = 1806.45 - (4000/31*2) = 1806.45 - 258.06 = 1548.39 (deduct any lawful statutory deduction = net salary)


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13/08/2008 08:32:14
Thanks for your info, Syl!!!
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13/08/2008 11:43:10
checked with my hr... they oni count on my working days without incl. sat & sun... therefore if work from 1/8 - 14/8 I oni have 10 days pay (off course less the 2 days unpaid leave).

Not suppose to be 14 days pay meh???
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13/08/2008 13:56:15
If you are monthly paid staff you should follow Syl calculation. He is perfectly correct.

If you are daily paid staff, the formula will be

4000/21 days (working days in August) as you consider that you only work 5 days a week. (yr working days without incl. sat & sun)

Therefore you work 10 days from 1st to14th Aug (minus 4days -2, 3, 9 & 10) less 2 unpaid leave = 8 days why do you want to request for 14 days?
if you know that you work 5 days a week. Your August salary for daily paid is RM1,523.81 but if you are a monthly paid your salary will be RM1,548.39

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